Delay Dataflow Trigger


It would be helpful if I could delay a trigger to run 5, 10, 15 minutes after the dataset updates.

Use case: My daily data upload process is completed, kicking off the updates of many datasets in Domo. One such dataset could be updated by a single dataflow, which could have six different datasets combined. Some of these dataset inputs are created by other dataflows, while one is raw data being uploaded via Workbench.

I want to wait until after certain datasets have been updated in Domo, but I don't know which will be completed first. Further, I don't want the dataset to update if ANY of the six updates because I could end up with our example dataflow having run six times (using six credits). Further, I don't know if each of the datasets will update that day, as they are set up to only push through Workbench if there is a change made. However, I know if the core dataset was updated, others might have been as well, and regardless if the others were updated, I would want that core dataset to update that day.

So, TL;DR, there are times when I do not know which dataflow will complete first, and I'd like the ability to run a dataflow only once, but after enough time for the other input dataflows to update as needed. All while reducing the number of credits I need to use.

(I know I can kick this off in the API, but I would prefer my users be able to set these up themselves)

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