Resizing cards within App Studio

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When resizing pages on tabs within App Studio you can end up with really large cards at the bottom.

This is due to using a tab container and that has a minimum height depending on how the cards are setup in different tabs. If the second/third tab have a greater number of cards and has a larger height, the first tab will also need to maintain that minimum height. The way this can mitigated right now is to use a spacer so it can show up smaller or change the height of content on other tabs.

The challenge with adding a spacer is you can do some shrinking, but overall it appears it is looking at the size of the largest page/tab. The problem is when have multiple pages too large, you can't really shrink them all, thus you are left with multiple pages that have a lot of extra scrolling. Ideally, each page on a tab would be independent of any size set on another tab.

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