App Studio: Integer Filters need RANGE


Please let us see the min/max/avg range for numerical filters on the App Studio control panel, like we do in Analyzer and on regular card filters:

Needs to show this VERY important column-level metadata:

The lack of range could cause a user to misinterpret how the data is aggregated.

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    Ok so I DO actually see the range now that I made a tweak to my data.

    The app I'm building uses 2 datasets, and the values for this specific column are at a different aggregation from dataset A to dataset B

    It seems that the filter didn't know which dataset to reference, so it didn't provide a range - but the SELECTION option only gave me data from one of the two datasets and didn't specify which. So - I still think there is something needed to enhance this area, but part of it relies on the build on my end. I am trying to have my apps all live on one master table of data per app, but inevitably the users will request something that requires a second, related table that may have some nuance.

    Broadway + Data