Color Rules: Prevent table card from inheriting colors


If I set a color rule on a bar chart, and build a table card as the drill, I cannot remove the color rules from the table.

The color is inherited from the bar chart, and the only change I can make is to uncolor the WHOLE table row, but I can't simply remove color in the first place.

In my use case, the only reason to have color in the bar chart is to make this KPI look different from a similar KPI bar chart - it doesn't have any analytical value (i.e. color bars based on series) - but I need a color setting to generate that different color for the KPI.

I want a simple table card on the drill with no color at all, and the color settings will not allow me to color the bars on the top view all one color without also requiring the value on the table row (or ENTIRE table row) to inherit the color.

Please give us more nuanced control! Happy to walk Domo through my use case on screen if helpful.

Broadway + Data
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