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I love that in the Admin > Cards area it now shows "Dashboards and App Pages" for card locations.

A further "nice to have" enhancement would be to see the App title listed under Move/Copy when looking at a cards settings.

In this example- I know this particular card is both in my overview and on our Analytics Hub app. However, when I select Move/Copy on that card, it only shows my overview.

This is potentially a user problem more than a functionality problem but sometimes whether during maintenance, decommissioning old content, or reviewing content- we will reference the move/copy section to quickly determine impact on the users. If we looked here without checking the admin side, we could potentially be leaving content in an app that we intended to remove, OR deleting content thinking it may just be in my personal overview and not existing in an app page.

(example attached)

Thanks for reading that long winded explanation! Haha
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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    This is super important, I agree.

    I've also had to create a Staging Area legacy-style page for my cards for App Studio so it's easy to find, edit, and replicate them. I don't prefer to build cards inside of App Studio, because they don't then seem to "live" anywhere inside my classic Domo instance and that can be a big admin headache.

    Broadway + Data
  • jefflmp585
    jefflmp585 Member

    Adding onto this - it will also allow for cards in app studio to sync with cards outside of app studio. I have an app that has a card, but it also exists on a dashboard that is exported as a report. It would be nice not to have to change both, but link them.

  • david_cunningham

    This is a great idea - 100% agree. Thanks for posting!

    David Cunningham

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