Custom colors based on PDP's


I would love to be able to show a bar chart (or a variety of other charts) that would allow me to call-out the specific user within the data. For example, if I have a bar for 100 doctors ranked high to low, it would be very useful for a specific doctor logging in to be able see everyone else as blue, and he/she as orange. Basically, assigning a color based on a PDP on the dataset.

Without having to make the user search for their name among a long list on the X axis, they can immediately see where how their data compares to others in the data.

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Great use case - we have added it to our backlog. It makes sense to be able to format the chart based on current user. There is a work-around by creating a brick and checking versus current user.


  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    This is a cool idea. I do think if it can be implemented, it would be helpful to have a hierarchy for how this color rule would play with any chart property color rules. For instance, if you have 3 colors in a series (Full Time, Part Time, Seasonal), and each person's bar is colored based on those rules, how does that work with or conflict with a PDP-set color?

    I would do a lot more with color if I could set conditional coloring based on more values than what is charted, or based on the relationship BETWEEN charted values.

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