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Hello Team,

I'm writing to propose an enhancement to Domo's version history feature. Currently, it's challenging to track changes made to cards (present in highly sensitive dashboards) over time, especially when multiple users are involved.

It would be highly beneficial if we could have a detailed version history that not only shows the original data but also each subsequent change made. For instance, if a user initially creates a card and another user later makes significant modifications, it would be helpful to see these as separate versions in the history.

The original data could be marked as Version 1, and each significant change could be marked as a new version. This would enable us to track the evolution of the data and the modifications made at each stage.

Having this feature would greatly aid in maintaining data accuracy and integrity. It would allow us to revert to previous versions if recent changes prove to be inaccurate or if we need to reference earlier data.

Your consideration of this enhancement is greatly appreciated.

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Love this suggestion - we have other projects in this area. We will work on getting this into our enhancement plans