Scatter Chart with Non-Numeric Y-Axis

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This Scatter Chart's Y-Axis is a count of the number of Days of Excess Annual Leave (EAL) - and, just for context, the Bubble Size indicates how many Employees have that many days of EAL, and the colours (or 'colors' for Domo HQ 😁) categorise the severity of each cohort. As the attached image shows, the chart is quite congested when there's a lot of variation between the precise aggregate values.

I'd like to replace the precise number on the Y-Axis, with Groups / Categories - i.e. 0-10 Days / 11-20 Days / 21-30 Days, etc

However, the Domo Scatter Chart only allows numeric values on the Y-Axis.

Allowing Non-Numeric values on the Y-Axis would allow for 4-Dimensional visualisations without the congestion/clutter.

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Great suggestion. We are looking at the scope of this improvement. Thanks for the use case.