Allow for multiple calendars on Dashboard e.g. Fiscal, Business, Gregorian, Custom


Users want to have access to multiple calendars on a dashboard, and different users on the same dashboard may want to see their data from the perspective of their desired calendar. E.g. A finance user wants to see a dashboard through a fiscal calendar, but other users may want to see the same dashboard with a Gregorian or Business calendar. Dashboards cannot be easily toggled between calendars and beast modes do not affect Beast Mode calculations.

Current State:
Users only have access to either the standard calendar or can request a fiscal calendar be added by Support. This calendar is only at a visual layer and does not affect beast modes. The user also cannot easily toggle between a Fiscal and Gregorian calendar on a dashboard because enabling a fiscal calendar is at a card level and needs to be changed for each card inidivudally.

Allow for multiple calendars to be added to an instance and allow for the switching between calendars at a dashboard level (similar to how variables can be changed). Have these calendars also affect the beast mode functions.

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