Clarification of distinction between a question and an idea

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It seems that a lot of folks are putting things in as ideas that should be questions. It may be helpful to add some clarification around this and suggest that folks pose questions before submitting ideas, in case there is a solution.

Alternatively, it may be helpful to add some sort of functionality to change an idea to a question or vice versa to reduce re-work.

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  • Eddie Small
    Eddie Small Domo Employee

    Thanks @DataMaven - our team works pretty tirelessly each day to manage and moderate those changes through the backend so that they are but a blip publicly, but with the increase in new membership we may need to increase some education around this to cut down on the questions being redirected to the wrong category.

    As always we appreciate your feedback and hope we can keep providing an open space for collaboration.

    Eddie Small
    Director, Community Strategy