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Can we please have this dashboard/card property as a default? 99.999% of the time, I want to open the card in a new tab so the user doesn't leave the dashboard.

This won't apply when using the expand details button, which is also a nice way to get a closer look at content — but sometimes you just want to pull that card open in its own browser tab!

The second item in the Interactions box is checked off by default, I would really appreciate if "Open Card details in a new tab" were checked off as well. It would save me literally hundreds of clicks with every dashboard build — current state requires me to open this menu, click the setting, click apply… before I can move onto my next card. Over and over and over again!

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  • ArborRose

    Can you hold down the control key to open a card in a new tab?

    Unfortunately, if they made that a default…it would be the reverse for all us who do not want new windows opened.

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    I would like to see it be an instance-wide toggle. There are plenty of ways to get cards open in a new tab, I'm glad for the flexibility, but the extra clicks for every single card so my front-end user doesn't have to think about it feels like time that could be saved by a company setting.

    Broadway + Data
  • DataMaven

    How about if it's a dashboard setting? I think that would meet in the middle for everyone. I see the use cases for both defaults, and I crave both defaults at different times, depending on the style and audience of a particular dashboard! 🤔

    It could be something like Display Mode, but read as "Default Card Interaction":

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