Bar + line/symbol graphs should have an easier option for average by group

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I think one of the main use cases for adding a line or symbol to a bar graph, especially a grouped bar graph, is to plot the average on top. I know how to do this by using an ETL to calculate the averages and append them as rows to the data, but this creates a less dynamic and flexible dataset for cross-filtering with other cards. Requiring that also seems at odds with what I interpret as Domo's design principle of prioritizing ease of use over customizability.

I imagine this could work the same as the "Nested Bar" card, except instead of totals, you plot averages, and instead of a big gray bar, you plot a line or symbol. Ideally you get to pick the symbol/line, and even better would be to be able to pick the summary metric (average, median, total, count, standard error, etc.)

Or maybe it could work in existing bar+symbol/line graphs, but you add options for metrics that are split into a series and metrics that are not split into a series.

One of the symbol types should be a horizontal line through the group so we can do something like this:

I don't think anything like the above is currently possible. The next two examples you could do in Domo, but it would be nice if it didn't require an ETL:

Edit: watching the Demo Slam from Grant Smith, I realized you could also do these last two by creating a beastmode per group and the aggregation using a window function. That would be better than an ETL since I think it would cross-filter with other cards better and wouldn't change the data. There would still be downsides if your series is more dynamic/changing. You'd have gaps like missing teeth if you filtered out certain groups.

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