Add filter ability to individual series elements on a chart



It would be great if we could filter a series item on a chart. Right now, if I want to have 3 items in a chart (A amount, B amount, C amount), I have to create 3 separate beast modes. Note: I'd have to do this because the amount formula is complicated. I'd like to be able to drag 'Amount' to series in a chart several times, where i can rename and filter each one as part of the chart element.



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  • DataMaven

    You may want to post this as a question instead of an idea, as this can most likely be achieved already.

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  • Jemiller

    Hi @DataMaven this isn't currently possible. I want to drag amount to the series 3-4 times and FILTER each amount field differently, not filter the whole chart. This is not a function currently possible in domo so it is a product idea. Thanks.