Save As in Locked Cards


I would like to lock pages and cards so that only a users assigned to a group that owns the card or page (or is an admin) can edit them, but want all users with a user role that allows them to edit cards to be able to duplicate (save as) the card to their own overviews so that they can manipulate them.

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  • ST_-Superman-_


    Is that different than this Lock Page option?

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  • DataMaven

    @ST_-Superman-_ - I think he is really telling us that users are not able to duplicate the cards if they are locked. It's just got too much extra information.

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  • John689

    Hi @DataMaven,

    Yes, ability to duplicate a locked card would resolve my issue.

    I was just trying to provide some background and not solution. End desired result - locked cards remain protected other editors and above can view how the card is configured and also leverage as template.


    I'm particularly interested in cards but I could see a use case for similar functionality for pages (if that's not possible right now, I would have to test).

    Thank you both!