Add ability to ingest all files at specific folder location using the CSV SFTP Push Connector


The customer would like a CSV Connector using Domo SFTP that doesn't need the file name to match the dataset name for ingestion. But rather just ingest all files placed in a specific Domo SFTP folder no matter the file name.

1- Is the customer using the Domo SFTP or their own SFTP server?


2- Do they need regex to pull all the files from a particular folder?

Not necessarily since Dome SFTP overwrites the existing file with a new file.

3 - Are the types all CSV, and do they all have the same schema?

Yes, they should have the same schema but there may be scenarios where they add a column for new metrics so he would like to be able to reset the schema.

*Customer mentioned a nice to have would be a list of all of their files in the Domo SFTP in this connector like how the Amazon S3 connector works using the FileDiscovery setting.

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