Lock size of cards in a dashboard when using autowidth layout.


Currently the size of cards dynamically change based on the viewer's screen settings, and when a user has zoomed in quite a lot, the cards reduce or can sometimes not show at all. It would be great if there is a way to lock the size of cards in a dashboard when using auto-width layout.

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  • Dverdon

    Hi Juliene,

    i agree this does cause a headache when trying to finalise the layout, size of cards and font sizes on a dashboard, especially now peoples set ups vary so much with hybrid working, i can have a report which opens up fine for one user but a bit of a mess for another.

    if the above isn't possible could there be a way to change the Fixed Width view? as the issue doesn't occur when in this view, however we loose a lot of real estate to the left and right hand sides

    for example could there be different fixed width views created with different left and right margins so a user could choose accordingly or something where we could set these margins ourselves?