Beast mode function to read attributes from end-user profiles.


It would be neat if I could create a beast mode that dynamically did something based on the current users trusted attributes. Something along the lines of:


Or even be able to read the timezone from their profile so you can do real-time timezone conversions/calculations based on their local time.

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  • shaunb
    shaunb Member

    We have a similar requirement where for the most part we want to filter data for the currently logged in user. Example filtering sales data for the currently logged in store manager. But in other cards we want to provide summary figures based on all stores, from the same dataset. We cannot use PDP because we'll lose the ability to show the summary data. Setting a filter based on a user profile attribute would allow us to streamline the user experience. AFAIK the current workaround is either prompting the user to set a page filter for their store, or create a duplicate dataset, setting PDP on one and removing PDP on the other for summaries across all stores.

    It would also be extremely useful to be able to set the visibility rules of cards and page sections based on column values and user attributes.