Support code engine packages in Connector Studio IDE

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I recently had a requirement to fetch a file via API, but the file was encrypted. I wanted to create a connector the whole org could use that supported decryption for the source system, but the connector studio was so limited that I ended up using a Jupyter notebook to solve the issue. The problem is now everyone will need to come to me to help with setup if they aren't technical enough to know how to use python nor would I want to give 95% of our users access to Jupyter.

I think it would be a massive benefit if connector studio could leverage existing domo features like code engine package execution, python or even execute already existing Jupyter notebooks to achieve more complex needs.

I envision something very similar to App studio that you can use to design the connectors configuration UI (e.g the 'setup wizard') via drag and drop, but those actions are tied to code engine packages/Jupyter notebooks when the connector actually executes.

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@DomoDork, that's a great idea. We're looking at the Connector IDE functionality in a few sprints, so I'll bring up this feedback.