PPT Add-in: Ability to bulk import cards

kierenp Member

In the current PPT Plug-in, you can select multiple cards to load into PPT all in one import.

In the new PPT Add-in, you have to load cards individually one by one and then select settings for each card before importing into the PPT. This will be take a lot of time when we have to recreate our PPT templates

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  • cadellfalconer
    cadellfalconer Domo Product Manager

    Hi @kierenp - We are able to import multiple cards at the same time, when importing from a dashboard. You have the ability to "Import All" cards that are on a dashboard.

    It will then give you a modal which you are able to configure the settings for the import, which will apply to ALL cards imported from that dashboard.

    For your use case - does this satisfy your needs, or are you looking more for a "tick box" approach on dashboards and card search where you can select a few different cards, rather than all or one?

    Cadell Falconer
    Domo - Senior Technical Product Manager
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  • kierenp
    kierenp Member

    Hi @cadellfalconer - thank you so much for your responses. Apologies as I did not have notifications turned on so just now seeing these.

    Yes we are looking for a "tick box" approach similar to the PPT plug in.