Enhancements to "Add existing Card" search box on Dashboards

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edited December 2023 in Dashboard Ideas

When clicking "Add existing Card" on a Dashboard, the search options and search results displayed are very limited:

This makes it difficult to find the appropriate card, especially if many cards have similar names and/or view counts.

Requesting any or all of the following enhancements to the "Add existing Card" search functionality:

  • Include card created date, card last modified date and number of pages card appears on in the search results
  • Specify the timeframe for the view count that is shown in the search results
  • Filter search results by card owner, date created, date modified, number of pages card appears on, and card views (with options for view count as of all time, last 90 days, last 30 days, last 7 days)
  • Sort search results by card name, owner name, date created, date modified or number of views (all, last 90/30/7 days)

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