Filter behavior on dashboard/app vs Details View


I wish the default behavior for filtering via-the-legend at the dashboard/app level would mimic what happens when viewing a card in full screen/via the details view.

When I click a colored block in a legend, I'm intending to remove that color from my view and allow the chart to re-scale. I think it's confusing that this behavior isn't consistent for a given piece of content when it's viewed on its own vs as part of a layout.

A few images to illustrate:

  1. Card Details View, you can see I have 2 colors stacked and the chart engine has scaled me to 6k

2. Card Details View - I have removed the purple color via clicking the legend, and my scale has adjusted to 2.5k

3. The same card is placed on an App dashboard, and when I click the same purple box the card maintains its scale and simply grays out the purple section.

4. The same behavior as above - but shown on a card with many more series items:

Yes, I can get the filter activity I need by using page filters or filter cards, but I think it's valid to consider that filtering via-the-legend should behave the same way no matter what kind of screen the user is looking at, especially if it's the exact came card.

If Domo wants to consider making the two behaviors toggle-able, I would love to see the behavior shown in image #2 be the DEFAULT for all.

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