Map Pin Sign and Auto Zoomout Option for the map


There are two issues that I would like to raise here with the Product Team. I have checked with the technical team, and I have been told to direct my idea here (refer to case # 05867714), as the current asking is not available in DOMO.

  1. In a map locating different cities by coordinate (Latitude and Longitude), I want to use a map Pin (similar pin that we see in Google Maps) instead of solid circles (this is the only current option we have right now in DOMO). Priority basis if we have an option for the pin (like an inverted falling raindrop due to gravity), it would be great. In the long run, it would be great if we could choose different types of symbols suitable for map pinning.
  2. If we create a map with coordinates and say if I select a city, the map takes me to that city. I can further zoom in using my mouse, but I cannot zoom out. Zoomout is essential as that is more intuitive. This kind of option is very much available in Google Maps. Is it possible to replicate it here in DOMO? N.B. This option is also available in DOMO in some other types of maps.

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  • Gavatar
    Gavatar Domo Product Manager

    Nice suggestion. We are exploring options with this. We already support a number of shapes with our scatter plot. Would it meet the main need if we added "pin" and "flag" and the 5 other shapes "circles", "squares", "diamond", "hexagon", "pentagon"?

    Also looking at the zoom out use case.

  • SouravM

    Yes Gavatar! That will help if you can add those pointers:  "pin" and "flag" and the 5 other shapes "circles", "squares", "diamond", "hexagon", "pentagon"