Make the Flex Table the GOAT chart


I feel like the Flex Table has the potential to be the Domo GOAT chart, but it's so locked down, I end up never being able to use it. Here are my suggestions to unlock its potential:

  1. Allow for multiple series, so you can group at more than one level. i.e.: first two columns are Region, State
  2. Allow to set a manual vertical scale for the charts and/or give the option to sync the scales across the charts
  3. Build in the ability to Trellis/Pivot. i.e. the rows could be states, and you could see the percent change across multiple product categories
  4. Create a 'no change' symbol, or an option to have no symbol with no change
  5. Allow the change color to propagate to the graph
  6. Add chart types:
    1. horizontal box plot
    2. Waterfall
    3. Outlier/SPC
    4. Bullet

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