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When looking at a dataset, you can select the Stats to review the distribution of values, presence of nulls, etc. When you filter the data before navigating to the stats page, it filters the first 2 sections of information, but not the third.

Section 1 - Uniqueness and Nulls - Filtered

Section 2 - Graphical Distribution of Values - Filtered

Section 2 - Aggregations - NOT Filtered

If this is working as designed, then notations would be appreciated so that users know which areas are responsive to filtering, and which are not.

The attached image is filtered to show cards owned by me. 2,804 out of 47,241. It's clearest in the Card Type that the first 2 are filtered, and the third is not. (I checked the percentages on the middle section. Overall dataset type of kpi is 83%, while mine is 57%.)

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