Can there be multiple "THEN" statements?

Here is my formula that is currently working!
WHEN SKULabs Cost >= 25 AND SKULabs Cost<= 50 AND line_items_product_id THEN '25-50 Bucket' ELSE 'not 25-50'

I'd like to add at 'Qty On Hand' > 1 in this formula but I'm unsure of where / or if there can be 2 "THEN" statements.

I'd like to be able to subtotal my Beast Modes, but they don't seem to subtotal when "subtotal is applied. So, I'd also like to add a subtotal in the Beast Mode as well, but again, I'm unsure of where to place it.

Thank you in advance your time and assistance!

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  • MichelleH
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    @Laura_M1 Yes, you can add as many conditions as you want as long as each one is preceded by "WHEN" like this:

      when A then B
      when XYZ then 123
      when blue then red
      else 'Other'

    You can find more about Case statements in the Logical functions section of this Knowledge Base article:

  • Also can you show an example of how you are trying to subtotal your beast modes, along with the formula you're using?

  • Thank you!

    Currently I'm just using the Chart Properties

    We don't currently have any Beast Modes with Subtotals - is a way to subtotal them without a formula?

    Ideally we'd love to have 1 column that shows Inventory OH and then all of our pricing buckets laid out. Of our options we can choose from, Beast Modes & Measures, I cannot see inventory next to the pricing buckets Either the Pricing Buckets show data or the inventory shows data; not both at the same time.

  • @Laura_M1 I think we need some more information about how your data is structured and what you want the card to look like. Could you please share some mockups or screenshots with any sensitive data hidden?

  • Thank you MichelleH!

    Apologies on the delay in response. We are getting ready for a tradeshow and I'll be leaving shortly. I will circle back to this next week! Have a great weekend!