Add Table Design Param to Allow Setting of Table Borders Color/Weight

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I get a number of requests for sprucing up our tables/visualizations so that they align with our company style guide/colors; including questions on whether Table borders can customized a bit [or removed in some edge cases—to me that woiuld just mean, set them to #FFFFFF if I had that as an option].

Effectively what this translates to, is a desire to have access to params/dropdowns on the "Chart Properties»General" menu for the Mega Table, Pivot Table, Heatmap Table. and HTML Table visualizations that allow for setting border color (standard color and Custom Hexidecimal text box like for "Font Color") and Weight (ideally "Default", "None", "Thin","Medium/Normal", "Thick").

Not to editorialize, but I absolutely think that this is attainable for your Devs, and hope that you can assign/build this relatively quickly. I am happy to volunteer my org as Beta testers if need be.

Thank you and have a great day.

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  • haydentaylor

    100% agreed, this would allow for much more professional looking dashboards for our stakeholders.