Expiration dates for dataset refresh


The challenge lies in the temporary nature of this requirement: the dataset needs daily updates only until the end of the month (EOM) when the marketing promotion concludes. After this point, daily updates are unnecessary. To ensure data accuracy and relevancy, I've configured the dataset to update automatically every day.

However, there's a risk that I might forget to disable the daily updates manually once the promotion ends, especially given my busy schedule. It's during my quarterly dataset cleanup that I typically revisit and adjust these update settings.

To streamline this process and prevent manual oversight, I'm exploring options or features within my data management tool that can automate the update schedule until the specified end date (EOM in this case). This automation would alleviate the need for constant manual intervention, ensuring that the dataset receives daily updates precisely when necessary, and no longer, without the risk of neglecting to adjust the settings post-promotion.

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