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We use the tag "Delete" For items that should be reviewed and kept or deleted by the Owner, it would be great if we could just run a tag report

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  • This exists as a DomoStats DataSet, DataSet Tags:

  • A_Benincasa
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    @JasonAltenburg it doesn't include the user name when I run the report, I want to be able to provide an owner name with the ones they have marked delete. It also only provides the Page ID rather than the page name.

  • @A_Benincasa If you create an ETL to join the Dataset Tags report to the Datasets report (also available in the DomoStats connector) you can pull in other details from the dataset, including owner

  • @MichelleH can you share a screenshot of what this should look like?

  • @A_Benincasa Here is an example of what this would look like. I actually used the "Dataset Details" report from the Domo Governance Connector instead of the DomoStats connector since it already includes the Owner Name instead of just the Owner ID. Note that if you want to only include datasets with the "Delete" tag in your final output you can change the Join Type from "Left Outer" to "Inner".

  • Thank you! @MichelleH