3 Key Features Missing in Gantt Charts

  1. Vertical Scroll Bar. Currently, when we have a lot of data to display, we are forced to have huge Gantt Charts so that the text is readable, or we are forced to keep the Gantt Charts smaller, but accept that text will not be readable.
  2. The ability to add additional columns to the left of the Gantt Bars. It should be possible to add as many columns as desired to the left of a Gantt Chart.
  3. Zoom to date range. Currently the time period displayed is based on the date attributes we use, but it should also be possible to view only a period of time within this range. Let's say we use a project start date and project end date for our range. This might encompass 2017 to 2027. We should be able to zoom to any period of time within this, such as 2024 only.

Thanks for your time.

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  • PJG
    PJG Member

    Any chance these are on the development roadmap yet? Thanks!