Alert or Periodic Email to Customers on Obsolete/ Corrupted/ Harmonization of Domo Apps/ Connectors

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Is it possible if Domo can email/ alert clients that are using certain connectors or apps that would get out-dated/ corrupted etc with recommendation from Domo on next steps? Regardless, if the client is on standard, gold or platinum support, these would be helpful for everyone. What we need is proactive communication from Domo esp if it requires the client a lengthy assessment and approval process to get certain upgrades/ clean-up done?

Also, please share what are the major Domo releases every quarter, with key highlight on existing products/ apps that are critical to the BAU maintenance of our Domo instance (e.g. Workbench 5.2 upgrade).

Lastly, suggest Domo to share common best practices from other clients so we can take note if there are similar issues.

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