Google Analytics Dashboard APP to connect GA4

Can Domo team update the Google Analytics Dashboard APP?

Since Google has sunsetted the UA, there's no more data in there, and Domo GA APP doesn't support the GA4 yet so we can't really build dashboard directly connected to GA4.

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  • That would be awesome. Especially because the analytics/dashboards available with GA4 itself is awful.

  • This would defiantly be great as the GA4 connectors are tricky to use. Struggling to rebuild our goggle analytics dash to the same standard as when it was UA. Hope this gets done!

  • pauljames
    pauljames Contributor

    Hi, I've had the same issue. I have had great success when I connect the historical GA3 connector with the new GA4 connector via ETL. The new GA4 requires a pivot tile but after we were able to sync the connectors and push into all relevant dashboards.

  • pauljames
    pauljames Contributor

    I've gotten a few private messages since posting earlier today. I'll send some more details now on how I did this. Important context, this is for our online e-commerce store here in the U.S. We needed to continue tracking important consumer behaviors such as bounce %, add-to-cart %, abandonment %, conversion %, etc. The top input dataset is a manual one time that pulls necessary date range for YOY comparison. I then have the bottom input dataset as the always updating GA4 file that appends to the historical GA3 file. It took me some time to pinpoint the correct columns from GA4 that matches shopping stages but once I did that it was relatively easy to create this ETL for seamless updating. Domo does have this GA4 connector it just can't go back in time for GA3 so you must connect with credentials then append like this. At least, this has been successful for us.

    I hope this ETL logic helps as a workaround for those who read this. GA4 is here to stay. :)