Project Using - "Current Period Time Elapsed"


In the Last Value Projection properties, there is an "Project Using" option to select various methods for the projection. It is common in Finance or other applications to project an unfinished period by "annualizing" it, or rather projecting by dividing the current amount in the unfinished period by percent of time that has elapsed in that period. For example, if you have selected the card's time bucket to be this year by month and you wanted to project August on 8/15, you would take the current amount (let's say 50), and divide that by .483 to get 104. The .483 is obtained by taking the elapsed days (15) divided by the total days in the period (31). So the total calculation would be 50/(15/31) and the projected amount would be 54 and the final amount shown would be 104 in the last period.

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