Customize email address in DataSet via Email Connector

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It is very difficult for business users who send emails to the email connector to distinguish between them because the address looks like this:

Would be huge if the address could be customized to something human readable like:

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  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    I agree it would be ideal to have readable email address but then it'll be very hard for Domo to make sure that each email connector dataset uses unique email address.

  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @colemenwilson totally agree! This would make it so much more intuitive for my end users who are sending data via this connector.

  • TWill

    I have found a little success in creating a 'Contact' in Outlook for the Domo email addresses. My company doesnt really allow for 'sharing' the contact that I create, so its usefulness does not extend very far. But perhaps another org would allow for sharing/others to use that Contact you create, along with whatever name you want to give it.

  • ColemenWilson

    @TWill we have thought of using forwarding rules and setting up custom email addresses that just forward the content along to the Domo email address.

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  • EKirov
    EKirov Member
    edited November 2023

    It would be much more user friendly especially for people who have to share multiple emails.

    There could be a validation step to prompt if the email is already created.

  • EKirov

    Creating a contact is a workaround and we want to save that extra steps for our users.

  • Svilen

    We need this to be more user friendly.

  • DavidAlday

    In general, I think it's better practice to have a direct solution instead of a workaround. Contact forwarding introduces another potential point of failure, especially at scale.

    I think user friendly names is a good idea. Because they would be using the custom domains, the duplication issue is not as prevalent as it would be. It would be (should be) pretty easy to just compare them to a DB and kick back an error for dupes.

  • Nade

    This idea is fantastic!

    Over the past two months, I've configured more than 10 email connectors. While there are rules for file names or email subjects where possible, applying them to every connector is challenging due to business specifics. Unfortunately, this increases the risk of errors, especially when dealing with a long list of emails. My experience, even during testing, has shown that a simple copy/paste mistake can result in sending data to the wrong email or, in the worst-case scenario, loading data into the wrong dataset.

    The proposal for user-friendly names is excellent, it would significantly reduce the chances of such mistakes. Domo, I'm thrilled about the idea of adding this feature. It wouldn't just decrease the chance of errors but also greatly enhance the process for all users, making it smoother and more efficient.