Customize email address in DataSet via Email Connector

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It is very difficult for business users who send emails to the email connector to distinguish between them because the address looks like this:

Would be huge if the address could be customized to something human readable like:

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  • b_rad
    b_rad Contributor

    I agree it would be ideal to have readable email address but then it'll be very hard for Domo to make sure that each email connector dataset uses unique email address.

  • swagner
    swagner Contributor

    @colemenwilson totally agree! This would make it so much more intuitive for my end users who are sending data via this connector.

  • TWill
    TWill Member

    I have found a little success in creating a 'Contact' in Outlook for the Domo email addresses. My company doesnt really allow for 'sharing' the contact that I create, so its usefulness does not extend very far. But perhaps another org would allow for sharing/others to use that Contact you create, along with whatever name you want to give it.

  • @TWill we have thought of using forwarding rules and setting up custom email addresses that just forward the content along to the Domo email address.

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