Domo Everywhere - New Organization/Subscriber Site should not have SSO enabled by default

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We are using Domo Everywhere to create new Organizations which, in turn, creates a new subscriber site for the organization. The subscriber site is created with Single-Sign On (SSO) enabled, but not configured, so the default login screen is not enabled. Our CSM gave us a workaround (that includes manually putting in a URL that takes you to a login screen and using the forgot password link), but that is clunky and not scalable.

Having the ability to default new subscriber sites to not have SSO turned on is the request.

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  • Ken_Boyer
    Ken_Boyer Domo Product Manager

    This has been resolved and with Instance Templates coming out later this year, it will give you even more control around the instance creation.

    Ken Boyer

    GPM, Domo Everywhere + Labs