Variable Control Title and Descriptions - Ability to Format Text

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The current way that Variable controls show up on a dashboard are non-configurable. To add to this, they look completely different than the current Dropdown Selector Filter Cards.

My ask would be to allow formatting for the Variable Title and Description to be selected when Editing the Dashboard, with the following types of options:

Text Sizing

Formatting (bold, italics, underline)

Positioning of the text (top, bottom, right, left)

Positioning of the control (centered, right, left, top, bottom)

Following are examples of how Variable Controls look currently when combined with Filter Dropdown Selector Cards, note that it looks wrong, like the designer of the dashboard forgot to set all the text sizing correctly. Note also that the descriptions for the Variable control show up below the object, instead of below the title. Selecting only the Titles, only the Descriptions, or mixing both, you cannot get a consistent look and feel.

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  • Yes, would love a way to give us the ability to provide custom styling for cards, fields, etc.

  • I might end up making this as a separate idea in the exchange, but we need the ability to sort the items in the variable dropdown list. They don't automatically sort alphabetical and if you don't enter them in the right order the first time, you are stuck with that order. Just tried removing items and then adding them back in alphabetical order and it is not holding.

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  • JasonAltenburg
    JasonAltenburg Contributor

    @MarkSnodgrass agreed! Sorting is a huge pain because it’s manual and requires you to delete and recreate, even the option to click and drag would be great!