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For magic ETL, it would be lovely if we could have Alter Columns behave similarly as the Select columns having the ability to Add All columns.

Thank you!

Kristine Plunkett

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  • timehat
    timehat Domo Employee

    Hi, Kristine!

    With Alter Columns, any unreferenced column passes through the tile untouched. Can you clarify what you are wanting to do with “Add All”? Do you need to change data types for all columns or some other bulk column operation?

  • Hi Timehat!

    That's correct, we are bulk renaming and data type altering for all columns that are coming in from dynamic API customer connector builds. This would allow us to have the ability to add all columns in bulk to then alter names and data types in a more expeditious fashion. Any new fields from the API will pass through as necessary..

    Thank you!