Cloud Amplifier - Snowflake - Choose schema and custom DB and Schema names

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For Cloud Amplifier on Snowflake, it would be helpful if we were able to:

  1. Choose both the destination DB and Schema that the data lands in (rather than having to go only to the Domo managed DB and Domo manage schema "RAW_DOMO".
  2. Be able to rename the DB and Schema that is generated when the connection is set up

The reason for this is that customer Snowflake instances contain more than just Domo datasets. In our example, our customer would like to have one Schema for each data source (e.g., one for Adobe, one for Google Analytics etc.). Not all of this data is added via Domo, but they want the Domo data to land in the same DB and schema as datasets added via a different method and they would like to be able to name this schema as the data source.

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  • akeating
    akeating Contributor

    We also need the option to exclude the DB and Schema from the dataset names instead of needing to rename each dataset individually.

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