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chrissweeney92 Domo Employee
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I do not need all the fields from the dataset or all the BEAST MODES created to be available for the end-user, as they might get confused with the hundreds of fields available in the drop-down. I want to restrict the fields that I want to show to the customer on the page level based upon the business. I might use many fields for calculations or for creating cards but I do not want those fields to be available for end-user at the page level.

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  • ColemenWilson

    Hi chrissweeney92, have you tried using filter cards on the pages instead of page filters? Doing this will allow you to only show the filters you want to show. You can then hide the filter bar so that new filters cannot be added.

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  • chrissweeney92
    chrissweeney92 Domo Employee

    Hi, we did consider this, but there are still approximately 15 columns that we do want to allow the end users to filter on (meaning 15 filter cards), and this would take up a significant amount of real estate on a dashboard compared to the page filters.