Drill improvements/Default Colour Rule settings.

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I often build a base table for most of my cards, something that is usually a pretty bloated process as there is no real way to duplicate drill views unless you copy/save them as a card.

When building a table and adjusting colour rules, experienced users will note the difference in options available where the user can select options that influence "Table Text", "Table Text Style", and most importantly, "Apply Format to Table Row". Something that, by default, is selected.

One of the most frustrating things I have found is that when tables inherit the colour rules from the visualisation because "Apply Format to Table Row" is ticked by default, the table inherits the colour rules across the whole table, and the user is unable to disable this from the drilled colour options, just see that it's happening. To amend this the user has to then go into the parent visualisation, change the chart into a table of any form (so they can access the options), deselect all the ticked boxes, turn the visualisation back into what it's supposed to be and then go back to the drill table.

Could either the "Apply Format to Table Row" option be unticked by default, could we have the ability to edit all colour formatting rules on all charts, or could we have the ability to edit the colour rules inherited by a drilled visual/table?



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