More than one identical variable toggle on the same dashboard.

Samuel. Contributor
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I often use variables going down my dashboard to aid in the functionality of my cards. I have found that I can only have one of each variable card on each dashboard. It would be great to have the ability to have the same variables on the dashboard as many times as needed, all of which update when any are updated.



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  • bradyprice19

    Yes, PLEASE!

  • t238
    t238 Member

    Having a floating variable box that moves as you scroll could also be a solution to this problem?

  • jakebutterfield

    Yes, agreed. 100%. This would make all of our dashboards way more functional and increase ease-of-use. Either a floating variable control, or the option to create multiple controls for the same variable.

  • Samuel.
    Samuel. Contributor

    @t238 any kind of toolbox that scrolls as you move would be amazing. Could be simple KPIs, Variables, or Filters. Having that functionality to customise would be AMAZING. Same with the "next card" and "previous card" navigation arrows in card details. Would be great if they followed you down so they were always in the middle of the page.