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While there is a 3rd party solution in the app store (PII Vault), I think Domo should have automated built in PII governance tools integrated into the toolkit. There could be a UI in the governance toolkit where you tick off various standard PII patterns to look for (SSN, Phone, Birthday etc) or even let you define a custom rule. Domo then scans all datasets looking for those patterns and writes out a log of potential datasets/columns that it thinks might sensitive into a table. Admins could then use this data to go review datasets and apply necessary controls around it.

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  • I couldn't agree more. Tools to enforce / monitor data governance should be built in and part of the core offering.

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    10,000% agreed. This should be completely standard and baked in if Domo wants to be a very serious player in the BI space. I envision something similar to the watchdog feature where you just tick off various PII related rules (or specify your own via regex). Then incorporate checking against the rules as part of either the sandbox process or when you look a table schema via the data tab (add an extra column in the schema manager where you can tick off the fields that are PII and then select what rule you want defined against it). If it fails the checks, a notification to admins/owners goes off, or it fails to promote to prod via sandbox.

    Normally, I would say this kind of feature is for the experts governing the platform, but the platform itself is designed very well for the average 'sorta, might be, and kinda technical joe and they shouldn't have to think about stuff like this. Nor should admins need to spend hours, weeks or even months developing their own logic that will likely fail at scale when your dealing with 1000's of datasets.

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    Ok, it's been a long day. I didn't realize I was replying to an old post of mine. BAHHAHAHA. Still, point stands :)