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I have a suggestion for a product enhancement. The suggestion has to do with one of the steps in the Domo Everywhere publishing process. Specifically about the 5th step in the create or edit process of a publication job, the one where you choose the PDP policies to include.

Once you have more than a handful of DataSets included in your publishing job, it is difficult on this page to determine:

  1. Which DataSet(s) need to have permissions set.
  2. Which DataSet(s) may have more than one permission set.
  3. Which permission is set for each DataSet

The frustration mostly comes from the seemingly haphazard way that the list is presented, along with what appears to be technical limitations of the page that don't allow the browser's search function to work on that list (as it appears to load dynamically as you scroll, which means the data isn't there to search with the browser).

Ideally, it would be best to have the page organized by the DataSet for which permissions need to be set. Then, for each of those DataSets, you could choose which PDP policy (or policies, if it is intended/valid to have more than one) to apply. At very least, if the 3 columns could be sortable it would allow the information to be shown in a more logical order, customized to the need of the task at hand. Also, if each column were filterable or if the filter on that page were able to filter both the Policy name and DataSet column instead of just the Policy name, it would be very helpful.

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