Conditional Formatting in Pivot Table

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I want to have conditional formatting in my pivot table. The column I want to have the color rules to is 'Month_Value'. Each row will be a different condition based on the metric.

I tried using HTML Markup with the pivot table but nothing appears at all. I am not sure if the HTML Markup is available on the pivot table chart. I also tried creating another column with 'Goal' or 'No Goal' and apply color rules to the entire row based on that column. The color rule only apply to the Goal or No Goal column instead of the entire row. Is there a workaround to apply conditional formatting to this pivot table?

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Thanks for the idea sharing. We are looking at enhancing color rules to handle cases like this.


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    I agree, I have tables that I have each row represent a month and it progressively updates each month and I would like to be able to highlight the row of the current month, but its not a total or a subtotal row.