Extend Date Range selection beyond 2029 for 'Graph By' Year in Date Filter

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Currently, there is a hard-coded limitation in DOMO cards for the Date Range on a card (or Date filter on Dashboards) so that only years until 2029 can be shown on the x-axis. We cannot show bars for years 2030 or beyond for long term forecasted values using Graph By Year functionality.

Even though I have dates for every year until 2040, the rows in the dataset for dates beyond 31 Dec 2029 are not loaded in the rendered card display. The date range is cut short to 2029.

The only way I can achieve more bars is by grouping dates by year and displaying x-axis as integer value of Years. But I want the leadership to be able to pick Next 5 years or next 10 years or next 20 years using Date Filters on card or the dashboard.

I wish the product limitation on Date Range is extended more into the future by 10 or more years so that prediction models can use the Date Filters without data getting truncated.

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Thanks for sharing your idea! We're currently reviewing it for future enhancements. Stay tuned for updates! 👍