Global vs Card-Specific Filter Differentiation

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I regularly use filters that only apply to certain cards on a dashboard.

Currently, it is difficult - especially for users - to have any visual queue that a given filter only applies to certain cards.

This is particularly true for non-Global filters that are presaved filters on a dashboard.

An easy step one would be to change the default color of filters that only apply to selected cards. Bonus would be a hover that tells the user which cards this filter applies to. Example pictured: This filter is specifically for a radio-button driven scatter chart.

The workarounds I've tried involve creating beastmode-duplicates of variable names to differentiate - but something more consistent, perhaps as described above would be helpful.

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  • marcel_luthi

    While hovering over the filter indicator for the card will tell you which filters are being applied to it and hovering on the filter name tells you which DataSets are affected by it, most users are unlikely to know which of the cards in the story are from one of the listed datasets, so this visual aid would be awesome!