Allow for Min & Max in the Rank & Window Tile in Magic ETL

GrantSmith Coach
edited August 2023 in Magic ETL Ideas

The minimum and maximum aggregation are standard calculations that should be included in the rank and window tile but currently are not. They should be added to avoid having to use a group by and then joining back to the dataset for simplicity and efficiency.

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  • MichelleH

    I second this!

  • marcel_luthi

    If we're talking about wishes, I'd also love LIST_AGG to be included, but I know that is not as standard 😅

  • DHo
    DHo Member

    Most of the time, I'd rather just run a slew of over/window functions in a formula tile rather than using the R&W tile at all. Then I can set individual partition and order parameters for each column. As far as I can tell, function tiles don't let you do that.