Allowing Auto-Forwarding of Emails to Email Connector

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At the moment a user needs to manually forward emails into domo using the email connector. We would love to be able to turn on auto-forwarding so that reports that drop into our inbox can be automatically send into Domo without having to touch them.

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  • trafalger

    You could create an outlook rule to do this!

  • DataMaven

    This wouldn't be something in Domo's control.

    The best solution I have found is to simply have the email address of your dataset added to the distribution list for the email you are wanting automatically imported into Domo.

    Otherwise, it has to be done from your email platform. For any emails where the above solution is not an option, I have the appropriate emails auto-forwarded, using rules. Not all platforms seem to have this capability or are kinda complicated to set up. Outlook works really well, though, so I connect my email accounts there and set up the rules. The thing you need to watch out for is if people sometimes reply to the emails, so you will want your setup to account for this possibility.

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