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Every time we bring in any kind of calculated difference to the table, we get a grand total that sums up all the percentages.

For instance, for this Table, the rightmost column is calculating the difference between the two left columns. Every row is correct except for the Grand Total which sums up the percentage together rather than calculating the difference between the left two columns. We see the Grand Total difference for this sample dataset is -139.06% but in reality, the number should be 9%.

Can Domo implement a way to calculate the Grand Total instead of summing all the rows?

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  • Jones01
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    you'll need to aggregate the data in the beastmode when calculating the variance like below

    (sum(Column) - sum(Column 1)) / sum(Column 1) *100

    I suspect you may just be doing

    (Column-Column 1) / Column 1*100