Ability to Default 'Send email notifications' to Unchecked

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I administer Domo for a user base of 20,000+ users. We have created a dynamically updated group which includes all users of Domo, and this has allowed our users the ability to share Dashboards with everybody at our company. This is a great way to share information quickly with a large swath of people, however, the 'Send email notifications' checkbox can often times be much more problematic than it is helpful.

Often times, users will forget to uncheck the 'Send email notifications' box when sharing with all 20,000+ users. This event triggers an email to all users, causes a sizeable amount of confusion, and is a general nuisance. Our help desk can expect to field several tickets from users who are leery of the external email being spam, phishing, or something else. In our use case, the 'Send email notifications' checkbox causes more harm than good, as we advise everybody to uncheck the box when sharing with all users, however very few remember to do so. Generally, if a user is sharing a Dashboard with another user, the user is expecting it, so the email notification is redundant information anyway, in most cases. I'd expect that requiring action to trigger a result would be utilized in this pop-up dialog box, therefore the checkbox would remain unchecked, requiring the user to manually intervene and check the box if the user wishes the email to be triggered.

I'd propose the addition of an Admin setting which would allow the Administrators the option to either check or uncheck the 'Send email notifications' box by default. This would allow us to default our instance to unchecked, cutting down on a sizeable amount of email traffic, reducing confusion, and offering a better experience for our users, not requiring manual intervention to remove a trigger.

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  • Marcus_Fluty

    This would be very impactful! This happens on average more than once a month… a company-wide email blast. It's a silly thing that makes people question Domo adoption.