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MichelleH Coach
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It would be very helpful to be able to "Favorite" datasets like we already can with cards and dashboards. This would make it easier to find your most used datasets when building cards, especially with similarly-named datasets. While it is possible to accomplish this using dataset tags, it would be challenging to manage "favorite" tags for multiple users from a governance perspective.

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  • JoshMillheim
    JoshMillheim Domo Product Manager

    @MichelleH this is an interesting suggestion. My first thought, like you mentioned in your initial post, was that some combination of dataset tags can be saved as a "favorite filter." Though I agree this feels a bit hacky. You can definitely use tags in this way, but I agree that a dedicated "favorite datasets" option could be powerful.

  • DataMaven

    Are we not able to upvote after it gets a suggested workaround?

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